The Fairfield Duo is available for a variety of events including:


-Lecture recitals 

-Interdisciplinary presentations


-Educational programs 

-Private and corporate gatherings 

For booking and inquiries, call/email:

Phone: (610) 435-6036


Special Program Themes

The Fairfield Duo's broad range of repertoire allows for the creation of themed programs coordinating with special events including art exhibitions, educational programs, celebrations of world cultures, holidays and women in the arts. Examples of themed concerts include:

  • Japonisme: Celebrating the influence of Japanese art evident in works of the French Impressionists, this program includes arrangements of traditional Japanese melodies programmed with impressionistic and early 20th-century works.
  • International Blend: Playing upon the popularity of coffee concert series, this program is a favorite of audiences who can stamp their musical passports as they enjoy works from around the world.
  • Nocturnes & Lullabies: This is an enchanting program of lyrical night songs by Classical and Romantic Era composers especially suited to afterhours museum events.
  • Americans in Paris: This program celebrates French music from the Renaissance through the modern age.
  • Mediterranean Magic: Featuring selections by composers from Spain, Italy and France, this program includes beautiful works by Granados, Albeniz, Ibert, Tarrega and Mezzacapo. 

Educational Programs

The Fairfield Duo is excited to share their love of music through educational programs. Nora and Candice are available to give presentations about a variety of musical subjects including the Japanese shakuhachi flute, women in music and music history. Ensemble coaching, adjudication services and masterclasses are also available. Email the Fairfield Duo for a list of workshops and please indicate the age range of the students (eg. K-12, collegiate)

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